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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Helpin' Out Da' Kids!

DonorsChoose.org - Teachers ask. You choose. Students learn. - GO

DonorsChoose.org has been selected for the 1st ever TTG Charity event! You can read all about it on their website! But for those of you who don't want to do all that clicking I will describe briefly what it is!

At Donors Choose teachers post their supply needs for their classrooms and then DonorsChoose.org puts together the cost of all the supplies needed! That amount is posted on their site. People then can donate what ever amount they wish till the entire amount is reached! At that time DonorsChoose.org buys the supplies requested (at wholesale prices) and sends it to the teachers! It's great because it is a real direct way to help teachers and their students.

So here is where TTG Charity event comes in!

All proceeds made from this event will be donated to different local teachers in high poverty areas. We are going to focus our attention on teachers who need art supplies and other tools to stimulate creativity! As we all know the arts in public schools are one of the first things to be dropped from the curriculum.

So save up your loose change for NOV 15th, and lets change some kids lives!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The guts of the "Rialto Theater"

Inside the Rialto!
Here is a first glimpse of in the inside of the theater. This historic theater seats 600 and was built in 1925! I hope it will be able to handle all the greatness that will be filling it!